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HeartLed Prana

Ashlene is a Holistic Breathwork Facilitator, Intuitive Embodiment Guide and a Reiki Energy Healer in Denver, CO. Using a grounded, heart-centered approach, Ashlene creates an open container for her clients to breathe into their edges, express the unexpressed, and reunite with their wise inner being.

By offering an intuitive and compassionate approach, Ashlene creates a safe ceremonial experience that allows you to have a safe space to escape the mental chatter of the mind, drop into the heart and begin to embody your fullest expression to live confidently in the fullness of your being. She uses her welcoming presence to invite whatever is living to be seen, heard, expressed so it can be released.

Ashlene’s mission is to create a sacred container for you to tap into your innate power of being in your heart's desire, to trust the wisdom of your body and open yourself up to explore your subconscious. Through this process you will reclaim your authentic expression, strengthen your intuition and feel empowered along the way. She mentors others to go within to create safety to open and trust so they can express their heart-centered vision with the world.

You’re worthy just as you are in this moment.

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Wholesome Massage and Apothecary

We are a clinical practice that specializes in relieving chronic pain, headaches/migraines and some digestive issues.  We find the root of the problem and give a thorough self-care treatment plan to help you combat your problem area on your own.  This will improve your posture and help preserve your structure, ligaments, discs and joints and save you from any future surgeries and pharmaceuticals. We strive to influence "self-care" as "preventive medicine."

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OXB - Our Exercise Brand

Allow us to introduce ourselves - we're Laura and Maggie. We met in Laura's 7am spin class in 2018. Maggie is a longtime metal smith and Laura was a fitness instructor and freelance marketer. We put our skills together to create sweatproof jewelry, OXB was born. Fast forward almost 3 years and we now have a team of six women.

  • All of our jewelry is handmade to order by a team of women who are trained metalsmiths in Denver, CO

  • We are the winner of the 2022 Women's Health Fitness Awards for best fitness jewelry and featured on the TODAY show.

  • We donate 5% of all sales to charity, in 2021 we donated 60k+

  • We were founded in late 2019 after founders Laura + Maggie met in a spin class

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